Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Are you "using" your college degree?

Are you under-employed or over-educated?

According to this article, about 48 percent of the class of 2010 work jobs that require less than a bachelor’s degree, and 38 percent of those polled didn’t even need high school diplomas.

Do you think this is due to the economy--are more recent grads just taking any job that they can? How do you know, if you took a "settling" job, when it's time to start "using" your degree?


Jamie Salcedo said...

There are moments when I've thought I haven't used my degree. But I realized that I had enough skill to move deeper into the tech field with the know-how and connections I made with my friends in tech related industries,it staffing firms, etc. It was a big jump, mind you but I knew I could do it.

devil jiang said...

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