Monday, April 29, 2013

College Career Center: Resource or Waste of Time?

I had the pleasure of running into my college roommate this past weekend. She came to my book signing and it was great to see her.

We got to talking about my books and she said that Ramen would have been perfect for her when we graduated. We both commiserated about how hard it was to graduate college and nail down a job...and one that we liked.

While we both agreed that we felt unprepared, it does bring up a good point that today's grads can use--the career center at their school.

Even if your career center isn't reaching out to you or providing proactive help, it may be full of untapped resources.

I remember visiting the career center at Stockton during my last was a little overwhelming. And while I can't say that my career center was a huge help in preparing me for life after college graduation, I would certainly urge college students (even if you're only in your second or third year) to start looking at the career center. They may have alliances with businesses that hire grads or be able to give you feedback on the resume that you'll need.

When I was 21 years old, I had little interest in my school's career center, and wasn't sure how they could help me. Students are so focused on acing classes and just getting the degree--it's hard to imagine life after college. But go for it. Step inside, browse around and start thinking about a job--not just your degree. This economy requires it.

Has your college's career center been a help to you? How have you used your college's career center? What did they provide? What didn't they offer?

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